In addition, the switch serves as a shutter release. Please, switch off ad blockers. Fans of the HTC One series might be pleased to hear that the Liquid E3 employs a similar stereo speaker set up, with the speakers set back in stylish metallic red. The front of the E3 is for all variants black. If the sound from your Laptop or mobile is hissing, crackling, or fading in and out when you use headphones.

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Repairing this part takes our technicians about 2 hours in order to complete the Siund Liquid E3 E jack repair. Other issues acer liquid e3 e screen repair acer liquid e3 e screen replacement acer liquid e3 e battery replacement acer liquid e3 e data recovery acer liquid e3 e water damage repair acer liquid e3 e charging port repair acer liquid e3 e headphone jack repair acer soound e3 e front camera repair acer liquid e3 e back camera repair acer liquid e3 e home button repair acer liquid e3 e speaker repair acer liquid e3 e wifi repair Fix My Phone.

While the front is black in both color variants, The only tool see Tools section working after a lot of trying! Battery Runtime WiFi Surfing.

Even the middle class has four cores by now. Which method to use to get init.


Acer Liquid E3 E380 Headphone Jack Repair Services

Overall volume is rather low, which implies that the integrated speakers are clearly audible only in quiet surroundings. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

This lightness is thanks to the non removable plastic casing which fits in perfectly with the budget price tag.

MTK Flash Tool v5. Good phone, but wouldn’t buy it again. Do you own a Repair Store? Are you a developer?

Acer Liquid E3 E Headphone Jack Service Center -Smart Repair

Elsewhere there is a 13MP rear camera and a 2MP front sensor, which interestingly both come with flash, as well as 4GB of internal space to store all your snaps.

I can also confirm that Xposed Framework is perfectly working on this phone. Or in just simple sentence, Can’t hear anything through your headphones? By hackwerkSenior Member on 9th April All in all, the smartphone works smoothly in almost acet situations. For more details contact us at office timing.

Acer Liquid E3 / E – External Reviews

When being called, a cool feature pops up: If one can live with the mentioned disadvantages, the smartphone has a lot to offer and is worth the money. Octane V2 – Total Score sort by value.


With the camera, it is possible to shoot nice pictures. Does the manufacturer offer a suitable solution without neglecting other important features?

The telephone app has a simple design and is typical for an Acer. No weak points could be identified for the casing and overall, the device lies comfortably wound the hand. There are disadvantages though. Customers who absolutely want to axer this feature did not have a large selection up to now and they had to accept compromises. Took a lot of my time! When it comes to the Browser benchmarks, the E3 cannot score high.

NOT yet working anymore confirmed: We need to extend space to our external SD card, as the internal phone memory is not huge. If you are not able to get your headphone jack working with cleaning or other troubleshooting methods, the experienced technicians at Smart Repair can help acerr fix the problem quickly.

Kernel sources in the Official section!!!