I started to notice my mac was running slow, web pages took mins to load before it was seconds. Feb 10, – 5: What have I done wrong? Ive tried every configuration in the console and multiple drivers and. I finally managed to reproduce the issue.

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Any ideas, suggestions, or answers. If you head to nvidia afterglos there are some posts about it. May 19, – 1: XBox Controller on Mac.

Some wireless controllers may jac work well with recent macOS X versions. How to use Files app to replace your lame notes app. Pressing the buttons will darken them on the control panel, so you can see that the controller is working.

(Mac) Gamepad Companion and my Afterglow XBOX 360 Controller

Dec 19, – 9: Thank you so much! I right away updated to the latest version 0.

I know there was a fan made driver, but I thought support for it evaporated a year ago. How is the performance? What have I done wrong? I bought the xbox wirless … I did these steps all … but then I mqc the app and it does not detect the controllers in the app. Being able to sit on the couch and play our favorite Mac games has a xboxx to recommend it, and using an Xbox controller is fairly easy to set up.


Xbox – Mac – USB Devices – PC – Afterglow

Paul is already afterylow Any ideas how to get my controller to be found? In the steam forum I saw one guy saying that he could just enabling the controller option in csgo menu. In the end it is unfortunate that games do not always use hardware in the same way.

Originality Nov 7, Some wired, some wireless proprietary or Bluetooth. It was wonderful but when I updated to El Capitan it stopped working. XBox Controller — Get Connected. Controllermate is quite powerful, so for those interested: Log in or sign up in seconds.

– MacOS X – How to use a XBox Controller on Mac

Any thoughts on what could be happening? May 12, – 9: Jun 1, – 2: Apr 29, – 2: Both worked right away without any issues. Jan 5, – 2: Tweaking 4 All will never share your email address with others. My Xbox controller works like a charm with it with no issues. Jan 10, – 4: Jan 25, – 5: Mar 16, – 3: If you know brand and model of your receiver, and you get it to work; please feel free to post the steps to get it to work.