The troubleshooting guide I downloaded doesn’t even mention that part. Just do a save target as on Chris’ farrer. I was thinking of hooking it up to a Mac and using Apple Printer Utility to see if there is anything I can tweak, but nothing should have to be changed because it was working fine a week ago on another PC running XP. The controller card is a card in the back of the printer, with various connectors and with the LW II model name. Price depends on condition and cosmetics. And the request for a place to get new rollers is a good one If you do have the video, then take it apart and redo the procedure and pay closer attention to all the steps in the video and all the cautions on what to do and what not to do.

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Apple LaserWriter Select | FixYourOwnPrinter

Do I need a new fuser lamp with less than a years use? I have the following LaserWriter II controllers. I’d say you had a problem with the formatter board as well, just like the guy who posted before you. Also what about all my settings if they are incorrect wont that slow it down. There is a small fan on top of it, in a black case with black filter.


Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Printer

If you are unlucky and most people prjnter this 10 year old printer fall into this category lasrewriterthe back surface is dirty. This printer is the large version of the Imagewriter II, with a carriage over a foot wide. Has any one else encountered this? Shipping weight 19 lbs. I have had a couple of random fuser error messages, and have a problem with paper jams from time to time.

It is supposed to automatically go out and display how many pages it has printed. I have a laserwriter and pc with xp, connected via a parallel port.

Apple LaserWriter Select Printer – Apple Rescue of Denver

Hiya gang, Love this thread by the way – learned loads – thanks! It has been less than a year!

Laserwriters, Stylewriters and other printers. Once I have it, how do I use it to turn off the start up page option?

WIN XP has a great driver. Am I correct in assuming that you did this on your own without purchasing the extremely detailed video procedure?

They may require a little coaxing to get started. Also, check our software section for Pprinter software to allow you to use a Stylewriter II printer; and consider buying that printer. Printers with specifically identified conditions are warrented to those conditions.

I can print sheets and then I get a paper jam loading from the cassette before printing, not after. I had fading on the right side of the printed page, and replacing the toner cartridge did not help.


I am running OS 9.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Standard Laser Printer

I put 4 on the switch selector, and found that it wouldn’t print the correct PDF doc out from Windows. The 16 mg of ram is good. Laserwritfr recall an issue like this?

I am guessing a sensor is not sensing the cartridge. Perhaps you have the same problem; it’s not XP, it’s your computer. Spock, just like the car gas tank jon cited in his analogy, it holds more gas, but doesn’t make the car go faster. If the drum turns fairly easily, then you might just learn to live with the noise. appls

For selecf info on the Imagewriter II, check my technical notes. You have to realize it’s using 12 year old processor technology. Hi Allan- thanks for the feedback- it is all helpful- here is a link to a great collection of Apple “Service Source” manuals- farrer. I bought this from eBay.