However, at reboot it reverts back to 2 cloned screens instead of extended. The monitors revert back to mirrored after a reboot and I have to reset the dual monitor setup every time the computer restarts. To view a known issue or find troubleshooting information, do the following: There is a section in the manual on dual monitor setup https: NET Framework version 2.

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The hardware scan calls it a X, however the internet search says it is a X See the Release Announcements Section.

The capture driver for these products installed on systems running Windows Vista is not being updated at this time.

AMD/ATI Radeon X graphics drivers for Microsoft Windows XP 64bit

The other thing of note is the Desktop Settings for changing the wallpaper seems to be very tricky. The pci nvidia card worked ok, but was kind of jittery video playback and sluggish on moving programs back and forth between screens.

Hi Misko and thanks for the link It works great now at reboot This unified driver has been further enhanced to provide the highest level of power, performance, and reliability. Ken, glad to help. secondaryy


I had seen that as an option before, but it was in a much older thread and was not sure if it still applied to the current version of LL. Thanks fellas and thanks for the input June 04, Trip New to Forums I keep getting an error about not having a supported card installed. Installation information can be found at: Presently this is what I am showing in terminal Download your free copy of Linux Lite today.

Pretty quiet about fixing this one The monitors revert back to mirrored after a reboot and I have to reset the decondary monitor setup every time the computer restarts. If I could get the screens to split the desktop, it would be worth testing to see how it performs. NET Framework version 2.

However, I tried to run the Z1550 Drivers option and the new video card is not being discovered for installing drivers. I presently have cloned displays on my 2 screens.

This release note provides information on the following: I need to know how to get these settings to be permanent To join Folding Home, follow these steps: Obviously it still works great. For more information on Folding Home visit: The AMD Raedon Care website provides accurate and up-to-date product support for optimum usability and performance.


This simulation will help researchers uncover how certain diseases develop. Folding Home radein distributed computing to simulate protein folding, the workload is broken up into small work units and distributed across hundreds of thousands of computers over the internet.

Radeon Secondary, Radeon Series, Radeon X, 9×00, 1×00, X1x00 Series, XPx32

Technical issues are categorized and personalized to enhance user experience. I have run the recipe https: I am not sure how to get that to be a permanent change? Please login or register.