How did you get this to work in Edgy? I wasn’t able to find the driver mentioned in the above thread but for me these worked fine from [http: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Richieeeeeee and popzz and everyone else wanting default Mach64 DRI: Hi, i seem to be having a problem compiling the drivers.

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Will optimize some more, thanks for the great tutorial and other helpful commands! In reality, early versions of the new driver only delivered increased performance in benchmarks such as Ziff-Davis ‘ 3D Winbench 98 and Final Reality. Org XInput driver, version 0.

It was also seen on Intel motherboards, as recently asand was still used in for server motherboards. Would you believe that the most recommended card for gamers and a0m enthusiasts alike towards the end of was made by ATI? This is really a shame, because the GL-based screen savers actually work.

It never did in Windows!

ATI RAGE Mobility

SGI server glx version string: I’m not very good at computers and Ubuntu, I get things to work with detailed instructions from the wiki’s and forums, but other that that I’m just screwed. Search for bugs in logs xorg.


The 3 is for front, back, and depth buffers. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. But I’ll be using Norton Ghost to go back to where I was this afternoon. It’s pretty sweet to have full 3d acceleration on a computer that fits in your a02m.

Yes”, then congratulations, and try running “glxgears -printfps” to see your performance increase. But why I can see Slackware Package?

ATI RAGE Mobility

I want only prepare station to browse the internet, it’s all. Used to have the mach64, but just upgraded my notebook an Acer which has kernel support so I can’t be sure about the “need to reboot to the kernel to compile” thingy. Hi minime I can’t know what’s happen with your laptop In games, performance actually suffered.

The source is no longer maintained in freedesktop. I am trying to compile mach I second that, ur a goddess. TrackPoint, display, keyboard, microphone, stereo speakers.

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The machine is also a Compaq E You will need to specify linux-headers-[kernel number] and to rafe the kernel number, use the command: I have tried everything. My laptop runs exceptionally better overall after completing this procedure. It’s possible for the kernel modules to load which lsmod will show without the X.


For some reason the makefiles in the header package are different glxgears achieving FPS for 16 bit Compositing efffects now working in xfce. And I would stay with one kernel, as long as I can!

IBM ThinkPad A20m 2628 – 12.1″ – C – Win98 SE – 64 MB RAM – 6 GB HDD Series

I went in and did a make at the right subfolder, and it appeared to have worked. This can be found as comment on page 11 of this thread.

Automatically send old files ai OneDrive by Matt Elliott. By my little comment you must have gathered I wasn’t successful cloning with git so I used this method, I tried with three different machines, so its either my gage which has no firewall, or my ISP which is evil I don’t see any difference in DVD playback speed or quality which is to say that it is inferior to Windows on the same hardware with the same resolution.

I used the latest snapshots from commonlinux.