AlliG March 15, at 5: Or for any DAW? To control the preamp or switch phantom for an input that isn’t routed to a channel on the desk you will need to go to the Setup page, preamps tab, and find your physical input there. The look and feel of this page is homage to the oldschool tape recorders that were around back in the day. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The X32 would then appear as if it was a 7.

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I think you should be good to go at that point but depends on the software you’re controlling, I don’t use it with reaper so can’t help you with the MIDI part of it. I went to inputs and selected card and such.

Not sure what to do next. I found this video to be really helpful when I set up my X32 to do multitrack recording and playback with Reaper: The only limitation is the amount of space on your USB drive, and that it can only record stereo or two tracks from ubs system.

You can adjust this up or down to get a decent recording behrlnger from the source The right hand side is your source selection and where the “Tap” is from.

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If you let Windows handle it with its own WDM drivers, you’ll be limited to a maximum 8 channels of output however you will be able to get audio from multiple programs all at once, and send audio to behrinher X32 from apps that don’t support ASIO output. Then on the surface press DAW Remote next to the layer buttons. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


On the other hand if your Routing page looks like Input None of my other programs will send audio behrknger the board though. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

If not maybe try restarting the X32 and reconnecting the USB cable? Then you may need to change the input source on each channel’s config page if you had changed them in the past.

Submit a new text post. On the desk press the second rotary knob to switch between the two. The behrinnger thing about this is that the file name is unique, and it is also dated with a time to make sorting out or finding the file easier in the future.

That can still work – on the Routing, Card out tab you can select Card outputs be Behrinver so now the physical input goes straight to the input on the computer. X32 Recording Config tab XEdit version. Want to add to the discussion? It also takes it after the EQ and dynamic effects. If you want phantom power on a physical input which is behringeer the routing page you can do that from the channel it’s assigned to.

How to setup X32 as audio interface over usb? : audioengineering

Or for any DAW? The buttons are labeled under the main view page and simply just tap on it to activate what you want. Now the PC doesn’t even see the X The config page is where you can change the source of your recording, as well as provide a boost where the audio coming in from the source is too soft or too loud, but you don’t want to change the gain from the actual channel.


In other words the file name is based on this template: Phantom power, depends – on the 3×2 page you have Inputs which could come from Card or Local If you want to use something else you would have to close Reaper. On the Setup page, Remote tab, you need to enable the button on the left. The iPad remote you just need to tap the setting you want to change. The filename is in reverse date format, then benringer stamp in 24hr time.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Using the recording system built into the X32 is quite simple and also powerful. Now I am getting audio from Reaper.

I’m having one issue still