Unlike the rotary solenoids that use a spring for the motion of one direction, bi-stable solenoid rotate in both directions by magnetic force and current pulse. The solenoids presented here are both standard products and special designs. Flying leads 10 cm Voltage: Bistable solenoid 5 companies 11 products. Application areas are turning locks, flap or cover systems. NAFSA SL has a long experience in the design, manufacture and sale of all types of industrial electromagnets, linear solenoids , bistable , reversible, holding electromagnets, electromagnetic bolts and Different voltages are possible.

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Standard type Solenooid most generic type used as a high-speed actuator for various purposes inside factory automation systems and labor-saving equipment. Integrated permanent magnets hold the armature with a defined holding force without electrical energy being supplied. Flat type Thin rotary solenoids ideal for high-speed shutters for optical equipment.

Except for some models, to provide flexibility of travel angel, Takano bistable rotary solenoids have no built-in stops. Further Information about the bistable latching solenoids. It has high enough torque which can also be an alternative to air driven actuators which will free you from air source issues.

Bistable actuators, rotary & linear solenoid actuators-MMT

The combination of variants provides a very large number of standard possibilities, with each solenoid effectively custom designed, at competitive prices. Even after de-energization, the solenoids stay in position using the holding force of the permanent magnet. This leads to minimizing the impact noise when solenoix operation. The latching solenoid can be mounted in any position but the force transfer should be in axial direction only.


There is no axial motion of the shaft in thrust direction and the end stops are set externally. The electromagnetic force is basically used for the stroke movement and the permanent magnetic force for the currentless holding of the armature in the stroke end position.

The armature is reset to the starting position and held there by a spring force.

Your suggestions for improvement: Latching solenoids are single-stroke solenoids for short term as well as intermittent operation with an ascending magnetic force soleboid.

Kuhnke production and development is backed by in-house technical research on magnetic fields, specialist applications and tooling.

Bi-Stable There are 4 sizes of standard product in the Kuhnke bistable linear solenoid range. Ideal for high-speed shutters of optical systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact Use rubber or similar buffer material for the stops. Then the Monostable and Bistable Single Stroke Solenoids are the best choice due to their currentless holding abilities.

Bistable solenoid

I agree to have my information encrypted and saved as a cookie so that I will not have to complete the form again next time. Each is based on an open frame linear thrust and pull type solenoid design. Higher in torque compared to motors in similar shape. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Bi-stable magnetic latching solenoid with an internal permanent magnet.


Bistable Solenoids 2.5mm to 8mm Stroke

Unlike conventional rotary solenoids built to mechanically convert the back-and-forth linear ibstable thrust-direction motion of the shaft into rotational motion, our rotary solenoids produce rotational motion with no axial movement of the shaft and hence have a longer life.

Bistable Solenoids have holding forces while no power is applied in both directions, also due to integrated permanent magnets.

Design subject to change.

There is a solenoid selection chart as a separate page on this site and you will find more details of solenoid products at our specialist website: Avoid the use of metal stops that causes strong metal-to-metal impact which may lead to failure of the solenoid. Evaluate the quality of the search results: Therefore, external stops must be additionally set to mechanically define the traveling angle.

Your answer has been taken into account. Self-restoring types bistahle spring return are also available, enabling a fail-safe capability.

Latching solenoids of the Classic Line are single-stroke solenoids for short term and intermittent operation with an ascending magnetic force characteristic.