BitWare is not compatible with Windows NT. The Bitware software claims to ‘clean up’ the appearance of incoming faxes and indeed this package consistently had the best resulting faxes. Select the BitWare Fax Driver as the printer. Insert whatever you see fit. The modem makes a dit-dit-dit-dit

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Unlike some of the other programs, Bitware Lite required less mouse clicks to perform the same jobs. This tells the service where to send the result report back to.

Index of /drivers/MODEM/CA_BitWare/SoftWare/bitware/dut/disk2

Click Closenot OK. The Telstra service is very sensitive and if your fax has been received by them and returned moodem you clearly – then your modem is working correctly. This is one option the other systems did not carry at all. Note that CallerID must be enabled with your telephone line for this function to operate.

Drag the SendFax macro to the area on the tool bar you wish to have the SendFax icon. The recommendations made on the faxback sheets, such as increasing output level and transmit equalisation, cannot be carried out on fax modems due to Australian telecommunications regulations.

Users can choose a fax number from over cities in the United States, France and Germany.


One for the letterhead and the other for signatures at the bottom. Select your usual printer again. Cheyenne Bitware Installing Cheyenne Bitware. Click on Transmit – New. Bitware Lite automatically compressed incoming faxes with a proprietary bifware scheme which reduced the fax file size to about one quarter of their actual size. Some older fax machines, such as some Brother and Panasonic models, do not send required fax tones to instruct BitWare to switch to receive incoming faxes. Ensure that only Default Mailbox Greeting is checked.

As stated previously, failed transmissions may be rescheduled from this log. Screen Layout Of all the programs tested, Bitware Lite features some of the cleanest screen layouts we encountered.

Index of /drivers/MODEM/CA_BitWare/SoftWare/bitware/spa/disk2

Open the file with your favourite text editor eg. Contact your telecommunications carrier, such as Telstra, to have CallerID enabled. Copyright Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. One problem we found with Bitware’s implementation of this method was that the Bitware program had to have been running else the fax driver would fail. biyware

Just click on the ‘Receive’ button on the main Bitware window and a fax manager starts up. The help system lacked diagrams, but the text was generally understandable.


Index of /drivers/MODEM/CA_BitWare/SoftWare/bitware/spa/disk2

To do this, a patch cable is needs to connect the modem speaker to the speaker-in port. When using the soundcard for output with the modem’s speakerphone mode, output must be transferred instantaneously to the soundcard, rather than converting the output to WAV format.

If you wish to be thorough, also remove any references to BitWare in the files c: If you are using Win 3. BitWare eventually reports that the line is busy.

External High Speed Fax/data Modem Cheyenne Hayes Bitware Windows F/d Software

Actually on our first exposure to this 10 button window we were a bit bewildered. As the version of BitWare supplied with our modems is a “lite” version, not the full retail version, some features are disabled.

Press the Enter moedm. Your logs and address books will remain as they are. Receiving Faxes Setting up Bitware to receive faxes is relatively simple. Also, you might check the playback volume in Voice System Setup.