CFR40 Recessed decal surfaces on both sides of this post are perfect for dual-sided marking of direct buried utility services. The Visi-Post is supplied with a factory applied metal anchor barb to prevent rotation and marker removal, thus reducing maintenance costs and vandalism. Home Products Marine C. Carsonite products maintain a standard of quality that exceed customer specifications. Post can help identify hard-to-see utility fixtures such as pedestals, enclosures, fire hydrants, right-of-ways, surveys, and manholes.

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Installation Tools for Utility Safety Posts

This means that customers can be assured that whenever they purchase Carsonite marking products, they will receive the finest marking products available anywhere!

The Visi-Post is ideal for marking underground facilities and right-of-way locations. Post is a reinforced composite marker with a stiffening rib on the back, making it less flexible than our other markers. Carsonite markers, parking and traffic signs, flexible fence and other products are highly visible, corrosion resistant, and durable. With decades of experience researching and developing advanced composite technologies, Carsonite offer a family of high-performance markers and accessories utiity are unparalleled in the industries we serve.


The raised, reinforced ribs along each side will prevent scratching powt removal of legend if impacted. With its thickened center rib it remains drivable in virtually any soil condition.


Designed for years of service. Installation is quick and easy because no pilot holes are required.

The marker is virtually unaffected by the elements and requires little maintenance. Online Store – Buy Now!

The standard design of the 3. The Visi-Post can also be adapted for use varsonite a test station unit. Post The Carsonite Utility I.

Carsonite model PPM PermaPost durable utility marker

The Utility Marker is installed easily in less than 60 seconds and is lightweight to allow for ease carsonie transportation in the field. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Because of the high flexibility, the Curv-Flex occasionally requires a small pilot hole in certain soil conditions before installation.

The concave design will protect the decal from damage during vehicle contact. Home Products Marine C. The Curv-Flex has been widely used for utiliity culverts, utility lines, fire hydrants, and electrical station outlets.

For high visibility and easy identification of underground utility lines, the Carsonite Utility Marker is the Perfect choice. The decal vinyl substrate is specifically designed for use in outdoor applications.

Great values Huge selection Order today. Carsonite utility markers provide high visibility and easy identification, minimizing the risks of accidental uncovering of buried utility lines, and preventing damage caused by maintenance equipment. Post introductory kit is available. For clear identification of pipeline routes in flat or open terrain, rural and agricultural areas, the Carsonite High Visibility Panel Marker is the ideal choice.


By utilizing Carsonite flexible signs, both the post and sign will return to the original upright position with minimal damage after impact. Farwest will be closed Decemberas well as December 31, and January 1, for the Holidays. Carsonite uses UV-resistant inks on both the direct graphics and decals. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Rubber grommets help absorb shock and provide a secure fastening system. We appreciate your feedback! The Sign Support composite construction resists vandalism, severe temperature changes, and UV degradation. Carsonite Quality Carsonite products maintain a standard of quality that exceed customer specifications.

For high visibility and easy identification of underground utility lines, the Carsonite Carsonitf Marker is the perfect choice.