It can be used to turn things on and off and lights dim and bright. Heyu is light and powerful and uses shell scripting. Views View View source History. Interface Checksum and PC Acknowledge 3. Brian H on June 23, ,

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Becuse powerlines are often shared by neighboring houses and apartments, it’s a good idea to choose a housecode different from your neighbor’s.

I also set up Misterhouse on my Redhat system. CM19A is wireless signals RF only you’ll need a or other to convert to powerline signals.

This project of mine is going on indefinite hold fm11a it doesn’t seem like there’s much life left in Home Automation via Linux. Timeout bug fixed thanks to Dave Plonka and friends, ppower should work now on Solaris and possibly other picky UNIXes where it hadn’t before. BottleRocketa FireCracker cm111a interface for Linux.

I’ve really been impressed with HeyU’s versatility. It can be used to turn things on and off and lights dim and bright.

CM11A still the best for Linux?

The PC can set the interface clock with an unsolicited transmission at any time. Just do rpm -ta ppower- version. Power-fail Macro Download Poll Code. With Charles’ help – I did!


There are plenty of people on this forum who have cm11a’s waiting to be sold as they have upgraded to the newer AHP controller. The command usually consist of a few bytes the command itself and the address of the unit to control. Home Help Search Login Register. Brian H on June 23, Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

With it you can send commands from the computer to the devices.

CM11A Communication Protocol File

This command is purely intended for the CM11 and CP Whenever the interface begins to receive data from the power-line, cj11a will immediately assert the serial ring RI signal to initiate the wake-up procedure for the PC. Each X10 device has an address formed as housecode [A.

I’ve read quite a bit about others’ pain trying to get the CM15A working with Linux without success. Also, a RedHat spec file and init script are now included, modified from Rich West’s contributed ones. In addition, once the interface detects cm11aa absence of power, it will request the current time from the PC when the PC is available as follows: This page has been accessed 31, times.


Thanks for the replies. Retrieved from ” http: Brandt on June 29, Otherwise, purchase and properly install a filter. My approach to HA seems to be quite different from everyone else’s – and I was wondering if I could coerce HeyU to play along. BlueLavaa web and wap cgi-based interface to X10 which supports ppower.

Once the data reception is complete, the interface will begin to poll the PC to upload its data buffer cmm11a 10 bytes. Give me an email and I’ll see about it. Now uses syslog to log errors when in the background. To control those devices you will need a small interface box which is connected to computer the CM11A.