Once agin, thank you. Is the one on the right only for the USB? Do I need to reflow the laptop or is it something else? The laptop screen has started flickering. I managed to solve that problem by putting RAM in to a single slot instead of both the slots. I have a certain problem booting my fnr. United States and many other countries See details.

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Yes, I checked the memory and reseated it, still the same scenario. Again, thanks in advance for any info.

Wireless driver for compaq presario fus – Free Download –

compaw On power up hear a very short whir of fan then nothing. When i put the old ones back in it boots up like normal. Powersupply is providing power tested with a voltmeter.

I just searched though the service manual for this model: I have to fiddle around with the connection for it to start charging. Test your AC adapter with a voltmeter.

But laptops touchpad doesnt. The DVD drive spins, so it gets power from the motherboard. Okay, although i did do that, now i have a replacement cable, and when i try to push it back in, its going to bend the pins on the end of the cable…. Estimated on or before Mon. Im willing to fix it myself following the instructions above… but I am not sure what it is I need to fix?


I tried to plug the vga output to an external monitor but nothing happened, still no video, I tried to reset bios, I took out the battery of bios and leave it unplugged around 16 hours I took the main battery also but nothing happens still the same result, if you have an idea please let me know, thank you. I have a certain problem booting my fnr. When it is booted it seems like it is constantly restarting but the screen always stays black, so i was wondering if this is a monitor problem or its not booting far enough for the screen to start?

HP Presario F572US Notebook PC – Product Specifications

I am now looking for a replacement mobo. Do you think it would be possible and worth trying to replace the power supply? This page works best with JavaScript.

When I press the power button, the blue lights become illuminated, the wifi light is orange, and I can hear the fan, but the screen remains completely black. I tried to restart memory and replace battery but nothing help.

I would like to check the battery voltage but I am not sure which of the 6 little knife blade connections is which? I f572s I need to replace this part.


Remove four screws securing the display panel. Is there any reason to think resoldering anything will fix this motherboard? Evidence indicates the problem is the GPU chip overheats long, hi-demand video display due to inadequate cooling in that area and it de-solders a connection. I have done some researching and it seems that it might be because of the power jack is bad so I thought I would buy one off ebay.

Compaq Presario 2500 WiFi Wireless Cover

Hi, thank you very much for this post. I used the heating gun for 3. This lets you get connected to the web and e-mail quickly so that you can see what it has presrio offer.

Thank you, LT Tech, for the info. I have a compac presario F lap top.

You should be able to find a part number for this cable in the official service manual. My online research thus far has been completly unhelpful with possible causes ranging from the mother board, to the hard drive, to the battery. Drain the battery completely dead with the Presaro switch in the ON position. Boot from the Vista installation CD.