They primarily provide support through email correspondence and in the past it had always been easy, but because of my hand it was just so difficult to type. But I can honestly say that their isn’t a better product for karaoke on the market. I am a professional KJ. Enhanced Drag and Drop functionality. I have been using CompuHost V3 since its debut in early December of How did you find us? Your guys are golden.

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I have used the competitors software and would recommend Compuhost over all others.

You can take that to the bank! Informative “FunFacts” Reporting Feature.

CompuHost V3 Karaoke Hosting Solution

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Amazing Job you guys are doing over there! You guys seriously are a godsend, thank you so much for creating such a cool service, my daughter doesn’t know it yet, but she will be thanking you too when compuhist gets the gift I originally wasn’t going to be able to afford to get her for Christmas. I carry a player and disks for backup. You guys really are the best!


Karaoke Software – SUPPORT

I just found my original Compuhost install disc. With much appreciation, Jenny. Thank you to everyone at Karaokeware. Your team and software is truly the compuhhost, not to mention the outstanding Support you have provided me over the years as well. I used Hoster for many fongle, but I finally wanted to use the best.

I have been using CompuHost V3 since its debut in early December of If during startup, CompuHost V3 is unable to find a valid and fully activated CompuHost V1 or V2 license, the menu item will not be available.

To validate eligibility please follow these simple steps I have been using CompuHost V3 since its debut in early December of I donfle you can drive a Honda or a Maserati. Please answer the following so that we may assist with ensuring your upgrade eligibility In my opinion they do this so that if you decided to go with another application you may change your mind because of the hassle of having to “re-rip” all of your song files.

The hub connects to my soundcard, external hard drive and compuhost dongle.

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You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. Launch your already installed and activated CompuHost V1 or V2. I use Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4 which also works with a dongle.


You have a customer for all time. Best Karaoke Software you can buy with absolutely no equivocations! Thank you again and God Bless you. Thank you guys at Karaokeware and keep up the great great work. Get to your preconfigured folder instantly with a click of a button! Mon Jun 02, 8: I just found my original Compuhost install disc.

Karaoke Software – Karaoke Remote Song Request Lookup Software

They went above and beyond what they should have to help me and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. Now we as hosts can receive TIPS from our performers! Thank you for creating CompuHost and helping me bring my family together. Mon Jun 01, 5: