If you have a new batch of stock, the logo really may be in upside down. Click on the Have Disk button. Join the community here. Normally, the settings in this setup sheet are sufficient. In case I am doing something wrong, here is the code I am using to generate the output:

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An explanation of the different types of bar adtamax available is on page 71 of the Wintix manual. Start the Add Printer Wizard. You must change this setting to stock ID 0 to work with your Sensible Cinema ticket stock. In those cases, the only way to get the printer working is with this method. You still need to set the paper size, orientation, dtaamax mark, and black line offset.

Join the community hereit only takes a minute. Use the buttons on the printer to change the sensor type setting to REFL reflective.

Setting up a Datamax E-4205e

Once you have changed the Dwtamax to 0 then you can load your Sensible Cinema ticket stock. Your printer by default is set to stock ID 5.

You still need to install the print driver. Click on the Have Disk button.


Setup for Datamax Ticket Printers

pawsthrough The printer is back on line. Push the turquoise guide so it is guiding the stock and holding it against the left side of the paper path. Center Stage Software Help Desk. Load the ticket stock Unlock the printhead and lift it so it is vertical. July 23, 1.

My current thinking on this is that the way that the Printer Queues datakax on UNIX, it is doing a direct pass-through of the output from Jasper to the Datamax and because the Datamax Printer doesn’t understand the format it is simply not printing anything, whereas the laser printer can accept the input. This is a special print driver that is unique in that it does not do anything.

Print drivers change every time Microsoft comes out with a new service pack. Why would you bother with all this complication? It will give you some vague hints. Press F1 one time. You can print other things on the ticket like lines, boxes, circles and polygons if you can translate Wintix manual pages of EDPL. Is it consistently dark, across the ticket? Occasionally, a printer will ignore the black line sensor and insist on using the edge gap sensor.


It needs to be re-sent with each print job. In this case, the A14 specifies the smooth, proportional font, size 14 point.

One step this document fails to make clear is that you must press F3 after each adjustment to issue a new test feed before saving by holding the F3 button or your changes will be lost. Check to make sure Present Sensor is enabled. My feeling is that my problem lie actually within the setup of the print queue within AIX, but I might be wrong.

If this is the case, the media type needs to be changed from transfer to direct. Many times, the Windows text drivers give problems that can be fixed by sending passrhrough proper codes to the printer. Right-click the driver icon found under printers in the Windows control panel.

Your name or email address: You will not find Datamax listed in the list of printers.