Also, all digital format cards support 24 bits of data at either We mostly use it to interface consoles. Configurations and scenes can be titled from the PC keyboard for easy identification. Edit, Cable, or Run. Inputs and outputs can be expanded in multiples of 32 by cascading additional DME32s.

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DME32 | Firmware and Software | Downloads | Yamaha

Notify me of new posts by email. Stand-Alone Operation Once you finish programming the system, you can remove the computer and the DME32 will operate the system on its own. We use it like a Audio Multitool. Reliability Like all Yamaha commercial audio equipment, the DME32 is built to the highest quality standards to ensure complete dependability. System designers can create their own custom components using the User modules.


I can’t imagine the PM1D system being able to talk to these. If the DME 32 can do pretty much the same, just “clunkier” than that would work for me. Cascade components offer bus-like signal de32 in multiple-unit systems and can also be used for DSP power sharing between DME32s.

Do they sound OK? DME Manager operates in one of three modes: Reviews There are no reviews yet. March 21, The USB port is located on the front panel for easy access.

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Yamaha DME32 Digital Mixing Engine Chassis

DME 32 is 64’s baby brother The DME32 can store two configurations: Routing, EQ, crossover, limiting? Remote interaction between DME32 functions and custom-made controllers and other equipment is possible using MIDI and the GPI interface, which offers 16 assignable inputs and 16 assignable outputs.

Edit mode is used mainly to build and edit configurations, although it can also be used to edit and preview scenes offline. Unauthorized operation can be prevented by using the password protection.


Downloading the Latest Windows USB Driver – DM – Digital Mixers – Mixers – Live Sound

Audio quality is similar to any of the older digital Yamaha consoles I would say. Up to four DME32s can be cascaded, providing a maximum of inputs and outputs. How ancient are these?

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From what I get from this page http: Joakim Hammar Newbie Offline Posts: Also, all digital format cards support 24 bits of data at either Your email address will not be published. I see the units have a USB connector on the front panel. Hello Benjamin and thank you for your insight.