Of course the Mytek also includes a preamp, additional digital inputs and a headphone amp along with a bunch of other features so we’re not really comparing apples to apples and ones choice for one over the other in terms of sound quality will come down to personal preference and system synergies. Then I started thinking if I was listening to the spinning turntable, or music files from the lap top starring right in front? Cambridge Audio is doing it with their polynomial curve fitting algorithm licensed from Anagram. Most audio products of DIY origins find it hard to shed the home made looks. Please stay tuned for the review to come soon! Allo DigiOne Signature Review.

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He replied, the laptop! I analyse ecd sound further, while very analogue sounding, it was just too noise free to have come from an LP playback system.

Favorite Music Lists of News Desa Home Theatre November 17, Add to that it’s friendliness with such linux servers as the Auraliti PK90USB and you have a plug-n-play system that performs ridiculously well. So I shall retract the second point, as it is actually non-valid! Leave this field blank.

Introduction: exD DAC –

The DCS has multiple inputs while the exD has only the minimalist choice of 2 only. A comparison review of two DACs. Aqua La Voce S3 Discrete arrival. The exD on the other hand is tube based and decodes all input signals in native sampling rates for best results. Alas, it was never in our review policy to opening up subjects under scrutiny.


Sonore/exD DSD USB DAC

By the mere mentioning of the DCS in this review, I am giving the newest boy round the block the biggest break possible, and the exD DAC, in the right system, can shine brightly. Associated Equipment Also on hand and in use during the Dragonfly review: Solo piano rings out true, string instruments sound fitfully plucky, and human voices are portrayed lovingly really.

And there’s the rub Tips for getting the most from Roon Software. Here’s how Jesus R. Naim Uniti Atom sits pretty. Greatest Bits Product of the Year Log in or register to post comments.

Even CD-quality sounds fairly wonderful and the higher up the sample rate ladder you go, the sweeter things get, recording quality permitting. The exD does not lacked in any areas in terms of transparency, as proven when I slotted the Bryston BOT-1 disc transport in to my BDP-1 at the end of the review period. This aspect—how it sounds—will be our primary focus and if you want a teaser I’ll admit right here up front that I did all I could to prolong the review period.


Favorite Sound Munich High End While that puts the exD in the same critical segment as the DCS, both have their relative differences in design philosophy.

Audiophile speakers for non-audiophiles March 27, audlo In terms of better, its a win win, imo. Most audio products of DIY origins find it hard to shed the home made looks. Even though you can’t hear the first order harmonic in this rage, we can hear the lower order harmonics and the resulting reproduction is closer to a live performance.

I did not find it bothersome but I certainly would prefer if it wasn’t there. Please stay tuned for the review to come soon! Related Latest Reviews Recommended. Despite the slight perceived disadvantages of the XLR outputs, I still thoroughly enjoyed the smooth warm musical presentation offered by the exD.

To audition in my own home, I’d have to order and pay for gear from each of the manufacturers of interest who will give me a trial period, and send back what I don’t keep.