Setting is made in binary input by the increment of 10ms. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Select “LPT1” for the printer port. Used to set whether Super G3 is disabled or not in the last call-out of recall in case of a send error. Used to set the min. At the same time, the manual paper feed stopper opens and the manual take-up roller is pressed to the surface of the paper to start paper feeding. Cause Main motor unit abnormality Improper connection or disconnection the main motor and the harness.

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Optical system Two white lamps are used as the light source.

Sharp FO-DC Parts List and Diagrams

NO “xx” is the input value. By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy. The ASIC performs image process with the digital data. When the set value is increased, the dc5550 on the right and the left are increased. When the test command is executed, warm-up is started and warm-up time is added for every second from 0 and displayed.


Sharp FO-DC550 Laser Toner Cartridges and Printing Supplies

When the set value is changed largely, the area outside the shading area may be scanned to vo black streaks on the edges. Checking packed components and accessories Open the carton and check if the following components and accessories are included. When the lamp does not light up. Make sure to carry out this step before making a copy during this adjustment.

Feeds documents to the scanning section. When test command is executed, the current correction value is displayed in 3 digits of 12bit hexadecimal number. At the production line, the output power of the scanner unit is adjusted to 0. Check Check the memory of the IMC. Grasp here and turn in the direction of the arrow. Check Check the laser emitting diode operation.

If Dx550 time continues more than the set value, it is judged as 1 pulse. Yes communication time and total pages Inhibited to use Ringing volume pattern Binary input number Bit No.

Disassembly procedure 1 Remove the rear cabinet. Cools the optical section. When, therefore, the print position adjustment of output images is required, adjust as follows: When adding paper, take the remaining paper out and combine it into a single stack with the new paper.


Remove the protective paper. Check Check connection of the LSU connector.

Disassembly procedure 1 Open the side door, and Open the front cover. Copy density adjustment timing.

Communication enable before transmission A document jam during direct transmission The FAX signal from the other party cannot detect within T1 time. Toner is attracted over the shadowed area because of the developing bias. Network is for print only. Used to cd550 the lower limit of busy tone detection time ON time. Leave the copier at room temperature for at least 2 hours before use.

Makes the laser scanning speeds at both ends of the drum same as each other. Power OFF during transmission or reception Memory over during reception The length of transmission data of one page dv550 the range during transmission. Once a key is pressed, it is not recounted. Adjustment range is 1 —