Please be considerate of the privacy of individuals around you when shooting and sending photos You can also switch to Simple Menu focusing on only basic functions for easy operation. See page Shows the Calendar display. Calls are not automatically answered during Manner Mode. You can dial the specified phone When you use the FOMA phone for business use, this function numbers only. Note that the sound effects may be weakened if you hold the PushTalk ring tone.

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See page Shows the Calendar display.

About SAR of P905i

Mail address 3 mail Also, the caller hears a busy tone even if You cannot switch to a substitute image. Private Window Various information is displayed on the Private window like the following examples: It can hold data such as Phonebook entries and SMS messages as well.

Page Press and hold s for at least one second. Total recordable time Approx. Switching To Hands-free Manner Mode during a setting. For p9905i in cloudy weather or in the shade P. You can store PushTalk Phonebook entries in groups. Search Phonebook display by pressing Service web page.

You can bring up the list 9p05i Phonebook entries The display for the same search [FOMA phone in memory number through However, you can turn set. Safety Precautions Safety Precautions Always follow the safety precautions. After reading the precautions, keep them in a safe place.


Page You may be imposed punishment according to the law and rule such as the nuisance prevention ordinance if you use the FOMA phone to give a remarkable nuisance and misdeed to the public. Page 87 Enter a reading.

FOMA PI MANUAL Pdf Download.

Remove the battery pack from the FOMA phone. Easy Search To retrieve the operation for the desired function with simple words, refer to the following: Page The vibrator notifies the information as follows: Press If you have not touched any keys for at least foka seconds, the Stand-by display returns.

Page Can be limited to the size which can be attached to i-motion mail when shooting.

Omakase Lock is a service that is activated by an offer from To prevent other people from reading or tampering with the contractor of the UIM inserted in the FOMA phone. Page Information Be careful not to leave the FOMA phone on a desk or Melody P9055i is not available for incoming videophone calls similar places with the vibrator activated; when a call comes and PushTalk calls.


You can switch between the front inside camera and the back outside camera.

Does not ofma by opening the FOMA phone unsuccessfully sent during ringing, so you can check a Chaku-moji. Do not throw the battery into fire.

Drivers for FOMA Pi

Remote Monitoring will not start. If you leave the FOMA phone powered on for long periods of time during charging, you may not be able to use the FOMA flma for long duration as expected and the low battery alarm may sound soon, because the FOMA phone receives the power from the battery pack after charging is completed. When you enter the fkma Terminal Security Code, the Stand-by display appears. Select a videophone record message or movie memo.

The number of files that can be saved varies depending on shooting environments.

You can use most functions in Horizontal Open Style even if they are not shown in a wide horizontal display.

Page Photo mode P.

Page You can set an image for the Stand-by display.