Whether the monitor can support wider color gamuts. Overall color temperature of all videos. You’ll also find settings that our members have posted, so you can give them a try if you own the same TV. This is a unique forum, specifically geared for HDTV picture settings only. All the inputs are pointed outwards and there is no cable management.

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Digital Optical Audio Out: It has very limited ergonomic options, and it doesn’t swivel or rotate so the screen can’t easily be shared with neighbours. Windlws after 6 min recovery.

The maximum luminosity the TV can obtain while playing a movie or while windos a TV show. The luminance at which the calibration was executed. Measured with local dimming and over SDR signal.

Download Monitor ACER GN246HL Windows 10 drivers and software.

The luminance settings, often named ‘Brightness’ on monitors, usually range from 0 to The frequency at which the monitor is capable of displaying images every second. The amount of bleed that appears across the screen horizontally.

If someone windowss across a different type of panel or if their monitor doesn’t correspond to our review, let us know and we will update the review. When viewed from below, colors shift quickly and brightness diminishes fast.


The X-shaped stand supports the monitor well. We usually go for the picture mode that gives us the more control over all the picture quality setting. Average inaccuracy of colors. When looking from above, results are better.

To post formatted content follow these rules: They both gn246hk similar overall picture quality, but the GHU has wider viewing angles. It is is almost entirely made of plastic, but does feel well constructed.

HDR content consumption and production. It supports a native refresh rate of Hz which is great for fast motion, but it is only supported when connected with DVI-DL. All measurements are made with the TV set to be as bright as possible, but with a k white. IR after 10 min recovery. When sharing your monitor with people on your right. However, if the monitor is used in brighter rooms gn246hk as an office where the dark content is more rare, this will not be an issue.

Acer GNHL Review –

When you care about color reproduction and accuracy. The buttons aren’t labelled, but they are mapped to OSD commands that are displayed on screen. How bright the screen can get. The Dell UH is more suitable for a room with wide seating. How much of the s. RGB color gamut is nearly fully covered, great for home use or for gaming. Whether it has a feature that controls the LEDs behind the LCD layer, to match the picture and darkens the dark portion of it.


Matters more for HDR content.

Color Shift from Above. Lowest input lag possible at the center of the screen, when the monitor is displaying its native resolution at its native refresh rate.

Promote cracked software, or other illegal content Offensive: You are posting a reply to: Lowest input lag possible at the center of the screen, when BFI is enabled and the monitor is displaying a signal at the highest supported BFI refresh rate.