Lead Time 3 – 5 Working Days Weight 3. Plunger clamp alignment The taper gauge Figure 6. The fault codes are not expected to change for future software versions. Speed sensor period re-calculation disagrees with original calculation. Place a weight of 4. Fit a new clutch and disc assembly by reversing steps 2 to 4 detailed above, and then assemble the casing see page The pump keeps a running total of the volume of infused liquid even when the infusion has been stopped and then restarted.

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Displace and carefully turn the faulty board over. The Slave processor is programmed in Assembler language. The fault codes are not expected to change for future software versions.

Likewise before confirming any displayed data the user should ensure that it is correct. If the pump develops a fault then it grasebby be referred to a suitably qualified engineer or returned to Smiths Medical in order to have the fault rectified.

GRASEBY Infusion Pump Service Manual |

When in the Set-up mode refer to the Instruction Manualsimultaneously hold down In-line pressure sensing, intermittent infusion capabilities and computer interfacing were 310. VDR1 and L2 suppress all transients. Plunger clamp alarm checks Plunger clamp alarm checks The following plunger clamp alarm checks are only required on pumps fitted with the old style half nut, and not the more recent super nut see page With the pump in its Configuration mode as detailed previouslycomplete the following procedures to select the required language.


Fit a new transformer by reversing the steps 2 to syriinge detailed above and then close the casing see page This pump is no longer manufactured.

Setting the size sensor flag 1. If the pump fails the ramp gauge checks on the earlier manufactured pumps it is recommended that sydinge half nut is changed for a super nut see page This push-button controls the operation of a lever which projects from the plunger clamp.

When fitted, the kit graseyb the syringe from tampering only; it provides no other security. A short circuit has occurred on the membrane switch panel during power ON self test.


The main difference being that the In-line pressure sensing system is not available on thei. This method of occlusion detection is extremely sensitive as it is the lack of pressure on the clutch that generates the alarm, rather than the detection of the movement of vraseby leadscrew as used in traditional designs.

The pump reverts to its set up mode. Sensing alarm systems Syringe nearly empty Functional descriptions In addition to the occlusion stringe system see page the following sensing systems are also operative within the Following a significant liquid spill onto the pump, it should be wiped dry and inspected by service personnel before being returned to service.


IEC Part 1.

If the voltage falls below 5. The rotating slotted disc and OPTO1 comprise the rotation detector. Brief mechanical characteristics of the system are: Although there is battery backup in case this happens, the battery may not be sufficiently charged. Half nut casting See Figure 7.

The batteries should be checked at least annually see page Press and release the SSF each time a new gauge is placed in the pump’s cradle. Place a weight of 3. Remove and retain the Spirol connecting pin that fixes the super nut to the toggle mechanism.

Nearly empty flag Open the pump case see page and remove the standard flag from the top of the half nut retain the standard flag for possible syrinbe use.

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The steel tube is connected to the plunger clamp. Fit a new Opto board by reversing steps 2 to 6 detailed above, and then close the casing see page