Open WinTV and try adding a channel and see if the video and audio play. The drivers for your Sound card should also be updated and installed properly. If you can record and playback a VCD file, then the problem would indicate a Conflict with pre-installed decoders. Originally posted by MooseAreFun: Apr 26, Posts:

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I am quite frustrated and I dont know what is wrong. Supports the latest Hauppauge TV tuners: By chewie in forum Capturing. Select the language you wish to install from the list.

Sun Dec 19, 7: OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Symptoms of non-overlay support: Uncheck the highest number CPU. DVD MovieFactory is provided as an editing and authoring program only. The latest updates to MovieFactory can be found at: Tue Dec 21, 2: Sun Dec 19, Aug 6, Posts: Nov 5, Posts: I put PVR into Froogle, and the came out 50p cheaper than the I have just recently built hauppauuge media PC, and I am using a Hauppauge mce with windows media edition Originally posted by MooseAreFun: Most third party capture applications are looking to attach to a card or driver that supports uncompressed video recordings.


Hauppauge Support | WinTV-PVR and WinTV-PVR

The main causes for black screen are “Decoder Issues”, no sound card installed in the system, and video cards that do not support “Overlay”. SageTV also provides an Integrated Programming Guide with no subscription fees listing all upcoming programs for the next 14 days based on your cable or satellite hauppaugr. None of these options get any audio, even increasing the input volume level on each, etc. If you wish to customize the install list click on ‘ Custom Installation ‘.

WinTV and all of its functions work fine until the system is rebooted.

WinTV for Windows 7

Installation CD Version 4. Thanks for your help guys.

Well, I did have a strange problem pcl getting the driver updated, but that aside, it seems to work okay. Am I missing something???

The time now is What Hauppage card do you have? Jul 3, Posts: And it worked fine.

Okay, here’s the update. To access that option, click and hold right mouse button then go down to video out and uncheck Local Playback. By boscabru in forum Capturing.


You can also turn off Video Out in the same menu selection. Also make sure that the Hauppauge Software decoders have been installed.