Host The fully-qualified hostname, such as k Do not try to use a shell that does not exist or you will not be able to login. After adding the desired services, pressing Esc will display a menu which will allow exiting and saving the changes. However, you must also set the maximum packet size for each logical port within the operating system. See Operating system or partition requirements. If any key is pressed instead of turning off the power switch, the system will reboot. However, if the partition is restarted, the information is lost.

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Document information More support for: You should add at least one user during the installation so that you can use the system without being logged in as root.

These wrap plugs are not included with the card. Extra options to ifconfig Any interface-specific options to ifconfig you would like to add. Creating a logical Host Ethernet Adapter for a running logical partition.

A machine can be configured as a server, a client, or both.

This is the password you’ll use to log in as “root”. If necessary, log in as root user.


10 Gigabit Ethernet-LR PCI Express Adapter (FC 5772; CCIN 576E)

Unit 8 Ashway Centre. In the example below, resources ent0 and ent1 belong to one dual port adapter. First, become a superuser by typing su at the command line and entering the root password. Select the desired screen saver using the arrow keys and then press Enter. After the partner is identified, discovery heartbeat is exchanged in addition to control channel heartbeat to monitor partner’s existence.

A bigger danger is noted below: Expand for details Note: Preparing to install the adapter involves the following etherner User Confirmation Requested Visit the general configuration menu for a chance to set any last options?

The big chip in the centre is a Lotus Designs Snowball. This is usually used in conjunction with the NFS protocol see below for automatically mounting remote file systems. An LHEA appears to the operating system as if it were a physical Ethernet adapter, just as ivm virtual Ethernet adapter appears as if it were a physical Ethernet adapter.

Shared Ethernet Adapter configuration with two networks

Sold as seen as they are old things – over 20 years old. Group Which group you wish the anonymous FTP user to be in. Below we see ent5. Watson Product Search Search. You might want to configure a logical partition to promiscuous mode in the following situations:. Selecting Exit and pressing Devicf will continue with the post-installation configurations. The fully-qualified hostname, such as k If you want etuernet server to be read-only you should leave the upload directory option empty and add the -r command-line option to ftpd 8 in inetd.


This will be explained later. The LEDs are visible through the mounting bracket and, when lit, indicate the following conditions: When you install AIX fhea, your adapter device driver is automatically installed.

You will be asked to confirm exiting the installation:. See Installing the device driver software for instructions. This adapter is based on the dual port EB 10 GbE controller.

An option can be configured by re-entering the configuration options before booting the new FreeBSD system or after installation using sysinstall devicee selecting Configure.