Regards, hope someone get the solution soon. Can’t access your Account? You must enter a Reference Code from your magazine label, or from the emails you received from International Spectrum. This procedure is discussed later in this document. I have sent the frown with the details.

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When I ran across this blog post a month or so ago, I thought it was worth republishing, as many of us have run into this one time or another. What you do need to make sure of is that the RPC daemon or service is running.

U2 Universe database ODBC connection

It sucks because udl file and R can connect throw the driver, but power bi can’t. I have sent unkverse frown with the details.

It’ll probably work, as long as there isn’t another issue. Message 4 of 18 2, Views. That looks like the same error.

Message 9 of 18 2, Views. Message 5 of 18 2, Views.

But digital media news, articles, and books is simply a different delivery mechanism that has much the same business requirements as its “dead tree” paper counterpart. Failed to save modifications to the server. New Subscriber If you currently do not receive the Magazine or other emails from International Spectrum, select the “Subscribe” button below to create an new membership account. Message 3 of 18 2, Views. I have the same problem. Trace files will appear in the traces folder? So i don’t know what i am going to do when i finished my reports.


I think we operate on IBM’s Unidata – will the solution be different in this case? Regards, hope someone get the solution soon.

U2 Distributors

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Message 10 of 18 1, Views. Can you please send us a frown email with this error On the top-left corner there’s a smiley, you can see the frown button if you click the little down arrow right next ibn it?

Over the last few years, the web and the browser have gotten much closer to the interface demanded by forward-looking companies. If you are an existing International Spectrum subscriber, but have not ofbc with the website, please enter the Reference Code found on the magazine or in the e-mails you receive from us.

This procedure is discussed later in this document. The problem is that R script doesn’t work with Enterprise – On premise Gateway. Univdrse to use green screen user interfaces can be a major cause of user, and hence company, rejection and replacement of a MultiValue application. As of UniVerse release Thank you very much.


Accessing ODBC Databases from IBM UniVerse and UniData

Still can’t connect ODBC driver. Message 8 of 18 2, Views. Become a member to get the tools and knowledge for your MultiValue Enterprise.

Thanks arify, I’ve conveyed this to our IT support. This article strives to provide a clarification of terminology and an end-to-end example in an attempt to provide that “ah-hah! The problem is that this driver doesn’t support something we do, but there’s a simple work around:.