Face Up Paper Output Area Key telephone systems are not recommended because they send non-standard signals to individual telephones for ringing and special codes, which may cause a fax error. If you use a different paper size, you must change the paper size settings. Lcd Messages Reset the machine by opening the front cover and then closing it. This limited warranty does not apply to, and does not guarantee, any particular Toner or Drum yield i. Symbols Used In This Manual On-line support for 24 hours is also available at the website.

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imageCLASS MF3240

Rights of the Telephone Company Should the equipment cause harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may temporarily disconnect service. Press [ ] or [ Press [ ] or [ Press the one-touch speed dialing key 01 to 08 you want to edit, then press [OK]. Gently pull the jammed paper between the output rollers until the leading edge emerges from the machine. Transporting The Machine Install the toner cartridge correctly. You can also enter values with the numeric keys. For easy reference, print out the list of recipients registered for speed dialing.

Go back to the wrong digit with [ then press [Clear] to delete it. Residents of Alaska and Hawaii: Selecting the Paper Output Area Open the face up cover located on back side of the unit for face up paper output, or close the face up cover and attach the output tray on the front of the unit for face down paper output.


Density You can adjust the density to the most appropriate level for the document either automatically or manually. Repeat steps 6 and 7 if you want to delete another speed dialing number, then press [OK].

Contact Canon Customer Care Center for assistance if needed.

NOTE When you load paper with a logo on, position the paper with the print side up logo side and insert it so that the top of the paper feeds first in the multi-purpose feeder.

Before Using the Machine Machine Components Platen glass cover Open this cover when placing a document on the imgeclass glass. Page 50 Specify the size and the type of the paper you load.

No iamgeclass is loaded in the paper cassette or multi- purpose feeder, or not inserted correctly. Scanning Scanning Follow this procedure to scan a document to your computer.

Address Book Set mf320 Replacing The Toner Cartridge Scan Settings Scan Settings Before pressing [Start] to begin copying, you can adjust scan settings to better suit the document to be scanned. To delete the entire name, press and hold [Clear]. Setting Paper Size And Type Insert the paper cassette into the machine.


The higher image quality you set, the better the output will be, but the longer the transmission will take. Print Speed up to. The telephone line should not be reconnected or the power cord plugged in until the problem is completely resolved.

Canon IMAGECLASS MF3200 Manuals

Page 32 [Tone] key Press to switch from rotary pulse to tone dialing. Press [ ] or [ Press [ ] or [ Specify an empty one-touch speed dialing key that you want imagedlass set as the group dial, then press [OK].

Enter a new number with the numeric keys, then press [OK]. How To Use This Guide How to Use This Guide Symbols Used in This Manual The following symbols are used throughout the manuals for the machine and indicate the warnings, cautions and notes you should keep in mind when using the machine. Enter the desired two-digit code 00 to 99 with the numeric imxgeclass.


Basic Guide Please read this guide before operating this equipment. You can also use [ ] and [Clear] to delete the characters one by one. Before Using The Machine