What do I do? Just use your standard mouse to click the button before it counts down to zero. The remote isn’t working, what can I do? Once it has reconnected, you will need to press the button again. My notebook uses Bluetooth 2.

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Just use your standard mouse to click the button before it counts down to zero. The management circuit keeps the battery safe from overcharging.

Interlink Electronics Vp ExpressCard Media Remote for Bluetooth | eBay

Bluetooth detects the VP during pairing but does not complete the installation. Some programs do not offer every command. In fact, it’s preferred to never let them completely discharge as the battery will lose capacity.

Is it ok to store the ExpressCard Media Remote in the express card slot for extended periods of time?

All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. If your system requests the you press a button with the remote, just use your standard mouse. The remote isn’t bluetoooth, what can I do?


Interlink Electronics Vp6600 ExpressCard Media Remote for Bluetooth

What do I do? Once it has reconnected, you will need to press the button again. I cannot move the mouse or click.

It wakes up with the first button press, but it may be a couple of seconds before it reestablishes communication with your laptop. Unzip and run the setup file.

To do this press and hold the volume up exprresscard volume down buttons together on the remote for 5 seconds. Next, put your ExpressCard remote into discovery mode. It is perfectly OK to leave the Expresscard in the slot on the laptop as this keeps the battery from discharging completely. Try lowering the security setting of your Bluetooth. My notebook uses Bluetooth 2. The Expresscard has a battery monitoring and charging circuit that carefully manages the charge on the rwmote.

Now have your computer look for new Bluetooth devices.

You should be able to see the volume indicator go up and down. Every button on the remote doesn’t work in every program. After I haven’t pressed any buttons on the remote for a while, when I do press a button, nothing happens.


The remote uses a rechargeable battery. You PC must be powered up while charging the card.

Interlink Electronics ExpressCard Media Remote VP B&H Photo

You can mfdia your remote by using the volume up and down electronixs in conjunction with your Windows volume control. Please download this patch from the link listed below. Your remote control sends standard windows commands for all of its buttons. You can keep this from happening by pressing a button every 30 minutes.

First, make sure your ExpressCard remote is charged. Then pair the remote. Once pairing is successful, move the security to its previous setting. It’s recommended by the battery manufacturer to keep Li-Poly batteries constantly charged.