This will need to be removed before you can install the latest driver. Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use. More information on debugging problems on its installation can be found here: Compile -ng release-specific notes 4. I need my wireless. Needs Expansion This article is incomplete, and needs to be expanded. You can watch progress at www.

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In the meantime the ath5k driver has been merged into the linux kernel, and Atheros has come around and hired a linux kernel developer, released a second driver ath9k for newer wireless chips and has taken over maintenance of the ath5k driver. Last but not least there is a Wirelesss where you can play around and practice.

Nearly all content in it can be modified by you, the users of the project. Powered by Trac 0. Tags for madwifi/atheroos Thread atherosmacbookmadwifiscriptwlan.

Madwifi/Atheros Wireless Linux Driver Users Guide

May 24th, 3. Since then, work on the MadWifi driver has ceased and it finally has been superseded by other drivers such as ath5k and ath9k.

I have a USB wireless chip if it doesn’t work out. Compile -ng release-specific notes 4.


The MadWifi project is history

So I don’t want to make things wirsless just yet. Last Jump to page: Page History Login to edit. MadWifi, ath5k and ath9k. User Notes ‘Open source Atheros drivers ” ath5k and ath9k ” must be blacklisted for madwifi-ng to work.

On the first try too. Or you just want to try and use the latest driver. It may improve performance or fix an unknown bug or add a feature you’ve been waiting for. Easy MadWifi Atheros WLAN installation script Just to make sure everyone notices I’m writing this reply to inform you of a new version with some cool new features such as saving and loading a working backup of the sources in case something goes wrong with svn update.

Ubuntu Release Specific Info 3. TracWiki introduces the conecpt of the wiki engine, and WikiFormatting explains the wiki formatting syntax. Needs Expansion This article is incomplete, and needs to be expanded. I need my wireless. May 18th, 1. So these devices will just work out of the box. All modules in this package will be removed and may affect areas such as your graphics driver.


You will just have to make sure you have correct headers and gcc compiler for the kernel you’re using. May 29th, The difference between this and the other howtos on madwifi that I’ve seen at time of writing this are the others will update to direless latest madwifi-old module and this installs madwifi-ng. May 26th, 5.

Madwifi/Atheros Wireless Linux Driver Users Guide

limux MadWifi has been declared legacy inthe last official release happened in early This project is no longer active. Basically, if you have a working Internet connection no worries if you don’t, see belowall you need to do is download the script Code:. If I don’t have to go and help my parents with something it shouldn’t take too long.

Where can I get a current version of the MadWifi driver?

There is no thing such as a “current version”. To be sure you can download a few snapshots from http: