He shot a few test shots and then shot the group below. Oct 10, 1, 0 36 Central Ohio. Jaison , minkowski , neophyte and 3 others like this. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. This is for a new gun. Thanks for the many insights, gents, but I believe I’ll just save up for the CZ

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The set up was All are fine guns for shooting squirrels but after about 40 yards the group just doesn’t stay very tight. Love my 25 The “one hole” groups it shoots aren’t even that ragged. Nov 12, I think my expectations were just too high.

I’ve heard the Marlin variations also shoot well, but I have no first-hand experience with them. I’m impressed with the.

Marlin 25 and the Mueller scope are a great combination. It also shot a group similar to that at 65 yards. I am shooting off a sand bag rest and with a scope. Forums New posts Search forums.


marlin 25n accuracy

Your pricing seem in line Glenfield Thats more than good enough for me. A Remington Single Shot I have is very accurate. He shot a few test shots and then shot the group below. Discussion msrlin ‘ Marlin ‘ started by JaisonNov 12, That I’m sure would happen with any rifle though.

I did lots of reading and talking to friends that had various.

Marlin 25 bolt action accuracy with Mueller Target Scope. Thanks for the info. I suspect you will destroy a little more meat with both if you are filling the game pot. My Marlin is a mar,in driver.

MARLIN 25M 22WMR for sale

JaisonminkowskiChaZam and 4 others like this. I realized after my experience that it’s more in the ammo than the gun.

Live well, be safe? I highly recommend a. It was around 50 degrees with wind between 5 mph. RWS makes some great stuff that tends to be a bit cheaper than Eley and Lapua. He then took 4 consecutive shots tqck off the thumb tacks marlni his target up.


They will beat a CZ, but it is the only stock gun that will, out of the box. Nov 12, 7. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

We took it out to yards, he did 1 shot to sight it in and then hit the bullseye.

Stupid me and I should have known better being tac, ripe age. They are pretty decent rifles and that’s a reasonable price it appears from looking around on GunBroker.